BEBE-Challenge!!! Gewinne einen Bebegeneration TaschenKalender 2011!!!!

Hey Mädels,

schickt mir die besten Kitespotvorschläge für den Winter und gewinnt einen bebe-Taschenkalender 2011/2012!!!!

Oder beantwortet folgende Frage: Wie nennt man den Kitesurftrick, wobei man den Kite auf 45° stehen lässt, sich aushackt, hart ankanten und dann die Beine nach hinten über den Kopf wirft???

1. Chophop 2. KGB 3. Railey ??

Schickt mir einfach eine Email! Ich freue mich darauf…
Das ganze geht bis zum 31.12.2010!!!!
Also seit kreativ!!!

German Champion in Race, 2nd in Freestyle 2010

German Championship (Fehmarn)
German Champion in Race and 2nd Champion in Freestyle!!!!!!!

Unfortunately we had just light wind for the category Race this weekend.
I’ve ended up 2nd in Fehmarn and with this result I won the Championship all in all.
I got 2nd Place in Freestyle, due to my results before.

The other days we had some nice time on the beach for SUPing or we balanced on the slackline.
At first its quiet hard to walk on it without shaking and falling down =)
But I think after a while everybody could do it….practiceeeeeeee is the key!=)

Windy regards,



PKRA Germany: 7th Place in Freestyle

PKRA GERMANY St.Peter-Ording!!!

What a great event over 10 days!
We had really good conditions, every day wind and almost sunny weather! On the light wind days we had some great spectacular Races. A lot of men and women competed against each other to win in Germany… The fastest ones were Bruno Sroka and Steph Bridge!!

Freestyle: In the Single Elimination I lost in the first heat against Kristin. But in the Doubles I won against Aya Oshima. In the next round I had to defeat Asia Litwin and fortunately I won too.
Unfortunately I lost against Kari Schibevaag…but I am super stoked about my 7th Place in Germany!!!! =)

Womens Results:
1.Gisela Pulido
2.Karolina Winkowska
3.Bruna Kajiya

Mens Results:
1.Alex Pastor
2.Andy Yates
3.Kevin Langeree

I am looking forward to the next PKRA Tour!!