Büsum German Championship: Second stop and 2nd Place !!! <3 :)


we all had 4 great days in Büsum in the north of Germany.

On the first day we had no wind for some freestyle-action, so that all the racers got the chance to show us, the judges and the audience on the beach of Büsum, who *speedy gonzales* is 🙂 The danish Björn Rune Jensen showed in all the three races, that he is the king on the water. Christine Bönninger was the female winner of the day.

On the second day we had some gusty wind for my 11 HI-FI Comp… sometimes it was still too less but in the gusts it was ok.

I went through couple of heats and finally in the final with my teammate Susanne Brill. Unfortunately the wind dropped 3 seconds before. So we had to wait for the next day.

On the last windy day…sun, wind and nice people were watching our final heat. Susanne and I were doing some great tricks like back to blinds, raileys, blind judges, front/s-bend to blind, s-bends and kiteloops… unfortunately I dropped my kite and in this gusty conditions I couldn’t relaunch it pretty fast so that I waste a lot time by trying to get my kite out of the water…:( All in all it was a very close heat and I got the 2nd place here in Büsum!!

The men and the juniors hadn’t the chance to show their tricks, because of the unstabil wind 🙂 so..I am looking forward to the final German Championship Stop on the Isle Fehmarn!!! 🙂 12th – 14th of August. 2011!!! www.kitesurf-trophy.de

Kisses, Saza <3 <3 <3