Sabrina Lutz ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Date of birth: 25/11/1988
Height: 167
Weight: 54

Years of experience: 8
Lives in: Hamburg, Germany
Image: Carpe diem !
Favorite spot: Capetown
Has kited in: Brasil, Capetown, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Venezuela and Danmark…

Kites because:
I saw a lot of riders in the water and I liked it and I want to learn it too. The reason: I was infected! When I started kitesurfing I hadnt great conditions like warm water, summer etc. I was in danmark on an isle called “Romo” in April. My dad wanted to show me how and what kitesurfing is. I was really excited and I needed to learn it.. so that the bad conditions didnt stop me..

In the water I practiced all that body-drag stuff with a 3 qm softkite or stunt kite.. and the water temperatur was something like 3 too.. it was super cold but I was super happy after that training day.. On the next day I learnt to handle it with a tubekite. After that I learnt to ride with a board pretty fast..

Yes and then I got some tip for learning to jumb and I was pushed by some german riders.

I continued…:
Because..I love kiting, because I’m having a lot of fun in the water every minute…And I just enjoy that feeling in the air and to practice new tricks and I like the crashes along the way too. Its perfect to train in super nice conditions like flat water, wind for 7 or 9 and to feel the warmness from the sun…pretty good!

wild cabbage, olives and people who are stressed out!

Diploma in Fashion- and Textilemanagement


Take a kite lesson in a certificated kite school..Listen, practice, be rational, be brave, be infected and enjoy it ! And please, use your brain, its not important to behave like a boss in some situations where the nature is going to kill you with her power and all that high-pressure weather!! ( a little straight tip)

Rock n’ Roll !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Sabrina