Tarifa with my new sponsor NORTHKITEBOARDING!!!!

First of all I am so happy to tell you that NORTHKITEBOARDING http://www.northkites.com is supporting me for the next season. My other sponsors are still SHISHA http://www.shishadudes.de and ION http://www.ion-essentials.com!!

With all my new gear I flew from Münster to Malaga with my mate Jan Rogge.
I had two great weeks in Tarifa/Spain. We were 10 people in one house, so it was pretty cool to hang out, to go kitesurfing, to cook together and to chill after our session. The levante wind in that time was strong and the gusts were super powerful. The wind was just blowing offshore in front of our appartement, so that we went to some different spots such as Las dunas, Valdevaqueros, Canos de Meca and Bologna. We had great waves on the beach of Canos de Meca and it wasnt gusty. Las dunas was closer to our appartement and it was good for our sessions with the 7. We just had one day without wind 🙂 lucky me!
In Tarifa its amazing, how many kiteschools are practising along the whole coast of Valdevaqueros and Las dunas 🙂

Most of the time I used my 5 qm Vegas and also the 7 in the afternoon. But it was super, because that two are my favorit ones! I <3 my Vegas and my Select Board 132cm too. After this trip I spent couple of days at the cable park in Pinneberg/Hamburg... a little bit cold, but it was fun!!!! I love that cable park!! Check it out: http://www.wasserski-pinneberg.de


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